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Intuitive Reading


Liz Phelan is a Spiritualist & Holistic practitioner of mind, body and soul.  She is an Angelic and Reiki practitioner whom provides, Angelic Reiki, Advanced Angelic Training, Rahanni and Kundalini Reiki. Liz describes the concept of her readings sessions as “a holistic, intuitive and spiritual counselling space for emotional healing and guidance.

Liz is a Clairsentient empath who can feel other people’s emotions and physical self. Liz has been able to connect with spirits and energies for as long as she can remember, and she can see souls faces when she’s closes her eyes and is able to hear their messages. Liz also reads people with cards and assists people in meditation techniques to allow them to relax and ground themselves.

Liz is extremely gifted, caring and emphatic and in her sessions you are really heard and understood, even without using words, as she can truly feel how you feel. Her main focus is to help to bring healing and guidance to people. Each session is unique, and the setting is caring, non-judgmental and fully confidential.

At Nourish & Flow
Last year Liz was booked solid and this year will be the same. Her unique gift and ability to provide an unrivaled connection with her clients along with her beautiful caring persona, attracts clients to her from throughout the country. A session with Liz is a unique experience and should not be missed.

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