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Niall O'Murchu

Wim Hof Instructor


Meet Níall. Níall is a Certified Wim Hof Method instructor, a Wild Herbalist and Traditional Irish Healer who holds many different workshops and retreats around Ireland every year.

Níall is one of two certified Wim Hof method instructors in Ireland and began his training with Wim Hof back in 2015. Using breathing techniques, he teaches us how to “change how we feel and think and use our breath to deal with many difficult situations that we may face in our day to day life, like stress, anxiety and worry”. Níall describes the Wim Hof method as “a very simple combination of breathing and gradual exposure to the cold and then using the breathing and the cold to sharpen the mind and to bring about great focus”.

At Nourish & Flow

We are delighted that Níall will be joining the Nourish & Flow family this August. In his workshop on Sunday morning he will be teaching us the fundamentals of the Wim Hof Method and we will have some fun in mini ice baths for our hands and feet (it's harder than you think!)


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