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Our weekend is filled with thoughtfully curated workshops, all tailored to help you relax, manage stress, and equip you with practical tools for navigating menopausal symptoms. From activities designed to guide you into deep relaxation to those aimed at boosting your energy levels, each workshop is a unique experience. With a strong emphasis on the profound impact of breathing on our well-being, these sessions empower you with tools that are readily available, no matter the situation or location.

All workshops and talks are fully seated! You will NEVER be asked to sit on a yoga mat or the ground! (unless of course you want to ;-)



Nourish & Flow is ready to collaborate with your organisation, tailoring an exclusive weekend experience to align with your unique needs. Ideal for groups, clubs, or businesses seeking a private retreat, we customise nutritional talks to address specific interests and assemble top-tier teachers and facilitators for an exclusive and unforgettable event.

Unlike traditional retreats, we can even bring the experience to you! If a Laois event isn't suitable, we'll identify a venue near you. This bespoke offering not only enhances well-being but also fosters team cohesion, employee satisfaction, and a lasting positive impact on the workplace. Contact us for further details