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Over the weekend you will get to experience some wonderful new therapies and partake in our workshops. Certain workshops are chosen to help you discover new skills and to teach you how to relax! Others will help you to release some pent-up energy and emotions and will support you when dealing with the daily stresses of life. Our event program is different than most retreat weekends. We focus on combining the benefits of nutrition & energy therapies and our aim is to help revive and restore your body, mind & soul.



Nourish & Flow will work with you to create and deliver a unique weekend designed specially to meet your specific needs. If you are a group, a club or a business who would love to attend Nourish & Flow privately, this is something we can facilitate.

We will adapt the nutritional talks to address specific areas of interest to your guests and gather up the best teachers and facilitators to ensure you have the perfect event which will be exclusive and unforgettable.

Unlike any other retreat weekend, we can even come to you! If an event in Laois does not suit you, we can find a suitable venue near you and run the event there. Contact us to find out more.