Navigating Menopausal Sleep Challenges

In this insightful workshop tailored for women experiencing menopause, Anne Marie Boyhan, renowned holistic sleep science coach and founder of The Sleep Care Co, delves into the real, science-backed reasons behind disrupted sleep patterns and offers practical solutions.

With a focus on menopausal symptoms, the workshop addresses four key areas affecting sleep and well-being.

1.      Hormones and Cortisol Understanding the role of sex hormones and cortisol during menopause. Empowering women to interpret hormone levels for better health. Exploring natural remedies and Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) options.

2.      Gut Health and Mood Swings: Unveiling the connection between gut changes, the gut-brain axis, and mood swings. Interactive assessments for neurotransmitters and gut pathogens with personalised recommendations.

3.      Blood Sugar Balance: Examining the impact of blood sugar on sleep and weight during menopause. Tips for blood sugar balancing, including a pre-bedtime low glycemic snack.

4.      Liver Detox and Sleep: Exploring the 'wake after wine' effect and its impact on sleep. Providing natural remedies for liver detox and a toxin check list.

This interactive workshop combines audience engagement with assessments to equip participants with knowledge and tools to become the CEOs of their sleep and overall health. Anne Marie Boyhan's expertise shines through as she guides women through personalised strategies, fostering resilience and restful nights during the transformative menopausal journey.