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Anne Marie Boyhan

Holistic Sleep Science Coach and Founder of The Sleep Care Co.


We are delighted to welcome Anne Marie Boyhan to Nourish & Flow as our esteemed sleep expert. Anne Marie, the founder of The Sleep Care Co, embarked on her journey into holistic sleep science after grappling with insomnia in her 40s while managing a demanding corporate career and the responsibilities of being a busy mother of two.

As a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, Anne Marie takes a comprehensive approach to address insomnia. Her personalised one-on-one sessions, known as "The Insomnia Solution," delve into the interconnected systems of the body, aiming to restore both health and restful sleep. Beyond individual consultations, Anne Marie extends her expertise as a sleep wellness speaker for VHI, delivering engaging talks and webinars to corporates.

With two young daughters aged 5 and 8, Anne Marie expertly balances her professional commitments with her role as a dedicated parent. Her insights as a sleep expert regularly feature on popular media platforms, including television programs such as Ireland AM and radio channels like Newstalk and RTE 1. Anne Marie is also a recognized figure in national print newspapers and glossy magazines in Ireland, the UK, and the USA. Notably, she serves as the sleep science expert for renowned furniture retailer DFS.

In collaboration with Nourish & Flow, Anne Marie has created a specialized workshop focused on uncovering the science-backed reasons behind nighttime awakenings. This workshop goes beyond traditional sleep hygiene advice, providing participants with actionable strategies to enhance their sleep quality. We are honored to have Anne Marie Boyhan join our team, and we look forward to the positive impact her expertise will have on our community's well-being.


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