Tribal Spirit Drumming

John Bowker, the visionary behind Tribal Spirit Drumming, is set to orchestrate an extraordinary drumming workshop at Nourish and Flow. In the enchanting walled courtyard, John will lead a powerful event with a holistic approach to community music.

Rooted in the primal beats of drums, invigorating chants, and simple rituals, John's workshop is a transformative experience for healing, personal growth, and empowerment. Tribal Spirit Drumming focuses on naturally produced music, drawing inspiration from tribal or spiritual backgrounds. Participants will engage in the selection and exploration of pieces of music, simple rituals, and games, all designed with healing concepts in mind.

At the core of Tribal Spirit Drumming is the welcoming embrace of absolute beginners, fostering a safe haven for all to celebrate human potential and creativity. As John passionately affirms, "If we allow the music to play us, dance it, sing it, play it, we experience its function, which is not to help us escape the world but to enter more completely into it. The music becomes a bridge, leading participants to a place of spirit, home, emotion, connection, celebration, and healing.

This 200-person drumming workshop promises to be an event of unparalleled power, leaving attendees with a profound sense of joy, connection, and revitalization.