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Laura Ward

Women's Health & Pelvic Specialist. Chartered Physiotherapist


Laura Ward is a trailblazing Women's Health & Pelvic Specialist, holding the esteemed title of Chartered Physiotherapist. As the Founder and driving force behind LWF Physiotherapy, Laura embarked on her journey in 2006, graduating from Brunel University. After establishing a robust foundation in Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy, she made a transformative decision to become one of Ireland's few Full-time Specialist Women's Health & Pelvic Physiotherapists.

Dedicated to clinical excellence, Laura's approach is marked by a commitment to providing a high-quality service with care, compassion, and understanding. Beyond her professional accolades, Laura's role as both a mother and a Leading Clinician uniquely positions her to comprehend the multifaceted aspects of recovery from a Women's Health and Pelvic perspective. Her personal and professional experiences have cultivated a deep understanding that each individual is distinct, allowing her to tailor the recovery process to meet your unique needs.

At Nourish & Flow, we are delighted to welcome Laura as a speaker and facilitator at our event. Laura will share her expertise in a dedicated talk on pelvic health and lead two movement classes focused on isolating pelvic muscles and teaching specific exercises in this crucial area. Laura's presence adds a valuable dimension to our mission of offering an inclusive space for education, empowerment, and rejuvenation.


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