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Health and wellness


Karen Dwyer is a transformational coach, speaker and creator of The MS to Success Roadmap. In 2012 Karen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is today, symptom free. Through her unique mindset and coaching skills, she specialises in supporting people with Multiple Sclerosis. Using her own personal experience as a catalyst to help others to be ‘at ease’ with the disease, her approach is truly unique and remarkable.  

Karen Dwyer is a qualified coach and mindfulness practitioner known for unraveling potential and shining light in the darkness. Her authenticity, warm and fun approach allows her stand out from her peers and leaves visitors truly inspired.

Karen helps people to help themselves and to turn adversity into power! In 2017 she produced My Gratitude Attitude Journal which has gathered may followers.

Nourish & Flow
We are absolutely delighted to have such an outstanding individual join our Nourish & Flow family this year. Karen will be hosting a Gratitude Talk on Sunday morning. Her talk will inspire you and help you change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change.


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