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Gratitude, Sleep & Blood Sugar

There is a lot of talk about the importance of gratitude lately, but what does it really mean? How can being grateful help us? What should be be grateful for and how do we show our gratitude? Can gratitude help us heal and to manifest the life we want to lead. Is it that powerful?

Something most people can do on a daily basis and take it for granted. We all have that one person we know who's head hits the pillow and they are asleep for the night. But what if you are the one who is struggling to get to sleep or wakes up at 3 am and can't get back to sleep. This leaves you running on empty for the rest of the day and has repercussions on your health that you may not be aware of.

Blood Sugar
This term may not be familiar to you, but I bet you are aware of the feeling of not waking up refreshed, the "3pm slump" or the sugar craving that kicks in after your dinner! These are all symptoms of imbalanced blood sugar and if not address, can be the missing link in the quest to lose weight, gaining more energy and even balancing your hormones.

At Nourish & Flow

We are delighted to be joined by Health & Wellness Coach and Motivation Speaker,Karen Dwyer. Karen has facilitated her own recovery from MS using her unique mindset approach, of which Gratitude feature strongly. Karen will explain to us why gratitude is so important and how to express it and how to uncover its true potential.

We are also joined by Treasa Spragg, Sleep Coach and certified Zumba instructor. Treasa will be sharing her wealth of knowledge about why sleep is so important, why we can't sleep or keep waking and share some tips on how to break bad habits which we may have formed, in order to get the best nights sleep possible.

Nicola Brady, a qualified Nutritional Therapist will be giving a talk on Blood Sugar Balancing while carrying out a live demo on how to prepare some healthy meals which will not cause a spike in your blood sugar. In clinic, Nicola has seen first had the affect that imbalanced blood sugars has on health and can lead to poor sleep, weight gain and hormonal imbalances.