International Stylist & Body Confidence Coach

Welcome to Sharon Huggard - The Style Coach, where transformation goes beyond the wardrobe.

Sharon Huggard, an award-winning International Style Coach with over 12 years of expertise, seamlessly blends personal style with personal development. Guided by her powerful tagline, "You Are Enough," and her impactful campaign #getinthepicture, Sharon pioneers a journey that transcends societal standards, particularly the detrimental focus on weight.

With a background enriched by 14 years in the financial services industry, Sharon brings a unique fusion of skills to empower her clients. Her approach involves innovative techniques like life coaching and NLP/QTT, liberating women from the constraints of societal norms. Having triumphed over her personal struggles tied to self-worth and scales, Sharon boldly declares 'enough is enough'.Sharon's influence extends far beyond the realms of styling. She has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts, RTE Radio One and Newstalk and showcased on the Elaine show on Virgin Media TV. She has also featured in prestigious publications such as The Irish Independent & The Cork Independent.

Catering to a diverse clientele encompassing politics, media, corporate professionals, and busy moms, Sharon is committed to reshaping mindsets surrounding weight and size. At Sharon Huggard - The Style Coach, the emphasis is not just on redefining style and confidence but also on advocating for happiness beyond societal expectations.

Join Sharon at Nourish and Flow and embrace her mantra that "You Are Enough" and participate in her empowering campaign #getinthepicture. It's time to break free from the chains of unrealistic standards and step into a world of acceptance and self-love.