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Sound therapist


Meet Ollie. Ollie, along with his wife Cathriona, are the owners of the Golden Egg Holistic Centre in Portlaoise. Ollie is also the Studio Director and Owner of The Golden Egg Recording Studios. Ollie has significant experience as a Sound Therapist and is also a guitarist in The Lost Messiahs, so it's fair to say that music is in his heart.

This will be Ollie's second year making an appearance at Nourish & Flow and he is one of the best sound therapists we could have hoped for. As mentioned in our video interview with Ollie, he explains that, “everything in nature is vibrating at a frequency … just like the cells in our body”. Ollie describes his work like “throwing a pebble into a pond”. Just like the waves that are caused by the impact of the pebble hitting the water, the vibrations from the sound ripple through us to help harmonize our bodies.

Ollie uses a technique called “entrainment”. This is when you train the body to match the frequency that you are playing, to allow your cells to get back to their optimum frequency. Ollie gives you the opportunity to immerse yourselves in sound which will lead you to a relaxing and meditative experience like none other.

At Nourish & Flow
Ollie be facilitating a group Sound Bath Meditation on Friday evening to bring us to a state of ultimate relaxation and to set the tone for the weekend ahead. This year, he will also be offering one to one Sound Therapy Sessions which are really a unique experience and will help bring you body back to balance in a very calming and gentle manner.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is usually a one on one therapy that uses many different aspects of sound and music to help rebalance the body’s energy which, in turn,  helps to improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Sound therapy focuses on different organs in the body. Each cell in our body resonates, puts out and accepts sound frequencies. Just like when we are ill, our cells become out of sync. Sound therapy can help us to identify which cells in our body are not balanced. When sound therapy is introduced it helps your brain to send these corrected frequencies to the damaged cells in your body to facilitate healing. Sound therapy is used to treat symptoms of many different conditions like depression, insomnia, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Some of the many benefits of sound therapy are to lower stress levels, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even decrease mood swings.

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