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Embark on a transformative meditation experience at Nourish and Flow, where everyone is welcomed with open arms, regardless of life stage. In the midst of the challenges that perimenopause and menopause may bring, meditation emerges as a supportive ally, offering solace for managing stress and alleviating symptoms. Rest assured, there's no need to clear your mind. Our meditation sessions are diverse, ensuring that everyone discovers a practice that resonates with them. Join us in exploring the calming depths of your mind, cultivating resilience, and finding peace amid the unique journey of this transitional phase. Embrace the universal benefits of meditation, creating a space where everyone can feel comforted and empowered.

At Nourish and Flow

Over the weekend we are going to show you many different styles of meditation and hopefully you will become friends with one of them and take it home. You will experience a deeply relaxing Sound Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Savasana Yoga Meditation & Guide Sleep Meditation. At no stage will you be asked to “clear you mind” I promise.