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Life Coach


Meet Eddie. This will be Eddie's second year with us at Nourish & Flow and we cannot wait to be part of his “Drumming with Purpose” workshop again.

Eddie is a professional executive, Life Coach, and Drum Circle Facilitator. Eddie is devoted to helping people transform and energize their lives through the power of belief, teamwork and encouraging support.

He hosts many Drumming workshops each year around Ireland where he teaches participants basic rules of hand drumming and beginner level rhythms. Eddie uses drumming to empower and energize his clients to help them be creative. “Drumming with purpose” also helps to bond people together and provides a feeling of support and encouragement.

At Nourish & Flow
On Saturday evening we will wake the spirits of the woods with Eddie in his amazing drumming workshop. Until you have experienced the energy and power of a drumming circle, while surround by the beautiful wild countryside and in the company of like-minded people, you haven't lived.


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